Buildings Included

Three regional geothermal heating/cooling plants plus an additional geothermal system for the Bullman Multi-Purpose Building / Student Recreation Center have been installed.  As constructed, 17 Buildings, containing 1.2 million square feet of space, are served by the geothermal systems. This is about 2/3 of the Education & General space on the campus. 

The buildings serviced by each plant for heating water are in the areas colored yellow, green, and blue in the graphic.  Each plant has dedicated geothermal wells fields.  The well fields for those plants are the same color but are hatched.

Indicated by the black circles, the three regional plants are located at McNutt Hall, Straumanis-James Hall, and in Bertelsmeyer Hall. The Geothermal loop piping is shown with black lines.  The Hot Water Loop piping is indicated by red lines. The blue lines indicated the route of the reconstructed chilled water distribution system which was added to the scope of the project, and serves a majority of the buildings on the main campus, including some shaded in gray.

The Bullman Multi-Purpose Building / Student Recreation Center and associated well field are shown in red.